Monday, May 30, 2011

The wiki way of making music

Tell your garage friends that your band is back! And you don't even need to quit your job to make music. That's what folks at Soumix web startup are telling. The concept is somewhat old: each musician record his/her own track alone, optionally listening to previous tracks from friends while recording. Soumix then mix all tracks to form a complete hit parade. The innovation is on simplicity and practicity: everything is managed by Soumix site, with zero instalation and file management. Before Soumix, each person had to install mixing software, store tracks on files and send/receive files to friends. Soumix makes sharing of tracks with friends or other people very easy, so strange people can collaborate to form a complete orchestra! You can start recording, sharing and mixing in just a few seconds!

So far, the site is targeted to Brazilian audience. But there's already an English translation, so expect more buzz about this in the future.

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