Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Scala momentum

Look how Scala is getting a strong momentum:
  • Twitter has moved to Scala (old news, but worth).
  • European Union is funding Scala.
  • The Guardian news site is moving to Scala.
  • Scala's official page and Wikipedia page are the top ones when you search "scala" on Google (as of today).
  • Scala tag on contains almost 3k followers (as of today). That's more than Groovy (1.2k), Jython (<200) and JRuby (<400). Of course Python and Ruby have much more followers, but they're also much older.
  • There are many positive feedback of people who made the switch. You can find interesting articles here and here.
The only thing that still distresses me is the lack of a corporate powertrain. We know that Red Hat and probably GNU won't endorse Scala for now. I also wouldn't like to see Scala under control or heavy influence by something like Oracle or Microsoft. What would be really nice is if or Apache move from the top of fence to embrace Scala.

And if you are worried about Ceylon, don't be. The improvements of Ceylon over Java are so small that no one sees a reason to move from.

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